WCW 2019 - Invitation - World Cup Women

WCW 2019 - Invitation

Skrivet 18 september 2019 13:27
Ändrad 18 september 2019 13:38

We welcome you to the World Cup Women 2019 and to Ale Arena.

Organizers Surte BK and Kareby IS continue to build a cup that will be a great experience for all participating teams and for the bandy world. We aim at twelve club teams this year from Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia and USA/ Canada.

The game time for the group game matches is 2 x 30 minutes. We start at noon on Friday the 25:th. In the event of a tie at the end of the match, the matches are determined on penaltyshots.

The cost of participation is SEK 8,000 per team. This fee does not include diet and lodging.

If you would like tips on such solutions, we would be happy to assist you and we have a favorable agreement with Hotel FARS HATT in Kungälv.

We will be returning with more information on the cup's website

Do you want to join? Get in touch with questions and interest notifications no later than September 1, 2019 to, wcw2019@surtebandy.se


Well met at the Ale Arena this fall!

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